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Prof. Francisco Gil-White on Oslo & History of PLO





From 10 Av 5765 to 20 Adar 5772

Terrorists Fire Another Rocket at Israel Thursday

by David Lev

The IDF responded to Wednesday’s Gaza terror rocket attacks by striking at terror targets in Gaza.

Despite the de facto cease fire in southern Israel, Gaza Arab terrorists fired another rocket at Israel Thursday morning. The rocket exploded in an open area near the city of Netivot in southern Israel. No one was injured, and no damage was reported.

This was the fourth rocket fired at Israel since the cease fire was announced. Three rockets were fired at Israeli targets Wednesday night by Gaza Arab terrorists. Two of the missiles aimed at Be’ersheva were intercepted by the Iron Dome rocket defense system, while the third fell near the town of Ofakim in an open field.

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GV’s observations —

Tragic irony: The Glezele Vayne banner featuring Jews being thrown out of their legal homes in Amona, of one weeping woman, bravely attempting to do the impossible, to hold back a determined Jewish force that could not come to terms with why she insisted. “I belong here.”

The Amona Expulsion — A mere six months after the Gush Katif Expulsion. 8,000 – 10,000 Jews thrown out of their legal homes in Gush Katif. By Jews. The Amona expulsion haunts me. And now it juxtapositions today’s news of Grad rockets smuggled in from Egypt, fired by Islamic Jihad…a full fledged proxy of Iran. 200 and counting in a matter of days —

Hamas says they’ve lost control to the Iranian Islamic Jihad.

The long-suffering Jews of foresight; the Jews of Gush Katif; of Amona; of Migron. They told us this day would come. When the Israeli government refused to take them seriously they wept. They wept for themselves. They wept for the future losses and suffering of their nation to whom they had given all.

The victims of 10 Av 5765 saw the children of 20 Adar 5772, running for the bomb shelters, unable to go to school, to play outside. I know because so did I. I wept that entire summer, not willing to comprehend what Israel was doing to herself. I ached to be there with them; to hurt alongside them. I watched every video, read every word of Shlomo Wollins. Neither of us could believe our eyes.

10 Av 5765: Photos of Jews throwing Jews out of their homes…nestled atop the nightmare come true; of Iranian puppets raining missiles down on those very Jews who kidded themselves into dreaming that the “disengagement” the lying words they put themselves to sleep with, would solve Israel’s problems.

“This time the world will know. Israel is serious about peace.”, they told themselves. Like a beaten wife who tries her best to cook dinner just a little more perfect next time; to apply the make-up hiding the bruises just a little thicker this time.

Newly homeless, jobless Jews wept on the 10th of Av 5765. On 10 Av 5765, they wept for their destroyed businesses, communities, batei knesseth, homes and schools. They knew they would never fully recover those losses. Not in this world.

They saw today, 20 Adar 5772. And so did I. I don’t know how anyone could not.

We aim to please the world, and so we never do. They demand more and know less. Yes, the world demands more land, more businesses, more communities, batei knesseth, homes and schools from you, Jews of Israel. It will never be enough. Can’t you see? Has murderous hatred become so normal to you? An enemy who can’t even let your dead rest in peace will not let you rest either. A world who turns a blind eye to the desecration of your dead will turn a blind eye to the desecration of your life.

Jews turned on their fellow Jews, threw them off their land, out of their homes, to please everyone but themselves, everyone but G-d. The world demands more. Knows less. And the children of Israel refuse to claim Israel’s legacy. The people chosen by G-d to lead the world to Truth have lost their the way to their Inner Truth. The people of the Book don’t believe it anymore. It is only fairy tales now.

Only thing is, all those “fairy tales” are your only raison d’etre, your only source of chizzuk. That is by Design. Ignore your legacy? Disregard your Title Deed? At your peril, for then you cut yourself off from your Source.

The Land is yours to create a Torah enlightened society…a model for the world to follow. That is your only claim.

The first step is to make your claim. Sovereign nationhood, free from all enemies foreign and domestic is a part of the Divine Plan for all nations. How can the world follow you, and learn what it means to be safe and secure in their own, unique nations if you refuse to do so in yours? The world is a garden and you are the chief flower, but if you refuse to bloom, the rest of the garden wilts.

You must lead Jews or you will be lead … to more tragic, ironic juxtapositioning.

Israel’s Iron Clad Claims

Professor Howard Grief articulately outlines the Jewish people’s iron clad claim on all of historic Eretz Israel in the following series:

For a written summary: Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel and Palestine Under International Law

The 731 page book, above summarized, entitled “The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel Under International Law” by Professor Howard Grief is an indepth study of the subject, and should be considered required reading for anyone interested in the true history surrounding the conflict between the State of Israel and the Arab and Muslim world.

Yosef Ben-Livnat

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