Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

About an hour after the tragedy of the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, we were glued to the TV, watching as events unfolded. One TV shot clearly showed around 6-8 bodies laid out on tarps in the background. Things were chaotic, so the crews were probably not exercising the discretion they normally would. Some bodies were in shorts and bare legged, laying perfectly still. It was obvious these poor souls had perished. If they weren’t then their caregivers should be sued, because folks with minor injuries and suffering shock need to be covered up and kept warm, even on a warm summer evening.

An hour or two later, the news media was going on about how amazing it was that there was only 1 confirmed death. Then, about 1/2 hour after that, all of a sudden there were 6 confirmed deaths. (woops!!!!) I guess someone looked at the TV footage and figured out they messed up.

The entire time, we knew there were at least 6 dead, because we SAW them on the television. What gives…? My guess is the media/authorities have a vested interest in playing down the death toll as much as possible, and for as long as possible. I will further venture a guess that they will sweep as much as possible “under the rug”…or the bridge.

On the topic of dishonest death counts, I have a friend who is from North Carolina. About 8 years ago, there was a hurricane that swept through the NC, Virginia area, flooding large amounts of land. I don’t remember the number reported dead. My friend was living up here. Her mother was an area hospital nurse in North Carolina. Her mother called her and told her the news media/authorities were suppressing the truth, that many times more had died than were being reported.

I believe we have a repeat performance here.

At this link there is an interesting article on the possible connection between the Minneapolis bridge collapse and the future NAU… something that is not getting enough mainstream press.


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