Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

The Bridge Collapsed. Let’s Raise Taxes!!

Your Local Panhandl…er, Politician

After holding out time after time, vetoing the legislators when they attempted to raise Minnesota’s gas taxes (and other taxes) in mid-May of this year, and an unsuccessful over-ride attempt, Governor Pawlenty has publicly stated his willingness to… compromise. As it turns out, more taxes are the solution to busting bridges. Didn’t see that one coming did you?

Information on Pawlenty’s previous veto history

Minnesota Legislators

Taxpayers League of Minnesota

US Legislators

Citizens Against Government Waste

What Really Goes On With Minnesota’s Transportation Fund?

AND in California…

Hawaii: Paradise for Spendthrift Politicians

North Dakota Whistleblowers

What? Maryland Too?

And Wisconsin…

I pulled up all these links with just a bit of fast googling and pasting. What would I have dug up had I decided to do some real research on the topic?

Pick-pockets. We lose family members and friends due to government mismanagement and now they want more money…for what? To mismanage and pilfer, that’s what. How about if they vote themselves lower salaries, or maybe suffer with lower per diem expense accounts. (I know…it’s hard). BUT, if our state servants would perhaps consider a bit of sacrifice, who knows? Maybe they’d feel safer the next time they or their loved ones are waiting in traffic on a bridge…

Or better yet, how about if they just use the existing transportation funds for their intended purpose?

Comments and other’s research most welcome.


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