Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Something More to Think About

elephantandmonkeyiconator_f44ae2b77583ca0ea1d4abe6712251cb.jpg I am warming up to the idea of Ron Paul getting elected president. I don’t have to warm up to his stated policies. I’m totally with him when it comes to the Federal Reserve, returning to our constitutional roots etc. His record in congress is impeccable.

I’ve been reluctant to throw my full support his way, in spite of my agreement with him on pretty much all his views, including his views on foreign aid. This reluctance is not due to Dr. Ron Paul directly…he appears very respectful of Israel, as well as Jewish people, on the face of things. But the virulent anti-semitism I’ve run into when reading the comments on various supporter’s blogs, concerns me.

I had similar difficulties with some Knesset members, at one time. While I agreed with their policies wholeheartedly, I couldn’t stomach their supporters. Too hateful.

So…now what?

Here’s some interesting articles to read:

Hm. I guess it’s a lot like buying shoes. Once you walk with out that door with those shoes on, you’re STUCK baby.

Decisions, decisions…

Update 10/13/10: For my final decision on Ron Paul & his supporters, please read the following posts:

Blue Lodge Antisemites

Those Blue Lodge Antisemites Again: Thread Title – “Ahmedinijad’s Alleged Inflammatory Comments”


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