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The Skinny on Colloidal Silver

Here is the link to my brand new colloidal silver generator! I had another type for about 8 years, (well, I shared it with someone else who actually was the owner) but have upgraded out of necessity. (The owner wanted it back) It is less expensive than the model I used to have, easier to use, lower maintenance as well. The unit comes with detailed and clear instructions.

My previous c/s generator:

  1. Battery operated via 9V battery.
  2. Made one pint at a time.
  3. Required that distilled water be boiled in a glass saucepan prior to using the unit.
  4. ppm was not adjustable.
  5. Round rods needed to be cleaned with vinegar and a slightly abrasive material.
  6. Rods must be inserted and removed, wearing out the contacts.
  7. The product was often yellow, which means poor quality c/s.
  8. I had to hang around and time when to shut off this generator.
  9. Cost $300 approximately eight years ago!!

GenSilver generator:

  1. Plugs in…no batteries, making for a more powerful and consistent current.
  2. Makes a minimum of 1 quart at a time, and up to 1 gallon at a time.
  3. Uses room temperature distilled water.
  4. ppm is adjustable from 5-20.
  5. Flat silver rods, makes it easier to clean.
  6. Unit doesn’t need to be assembled and disassembled.
  7. There is a little plastic rod that gently “stirs” the water, preventing agglomeration.
  8. The unit shuts off automatically when the required ppm is reached.
  9. The unit screws onto the top of a standard mouth mason jar. It is also stored this way.
  10. Cost $219 + s&h.

This company also sells meters to test your distilled water for purity and to test your c/s solution for ppm. According to this site, a high ppm is not as important as is size of each part…the smaller the better. Incidentally, this stuff is more correctly called ionic/colloidal silver. But we Americans like our terms to be succinct, even if we must sacrifice absolute accuracy.

There are concerns from some corners (and under various dark rocks) that c/s can cause a condition called “Argyria”. When you have Argryia, you turn blue, grey, or blue/grey. You can read about some victims of this condition by googling the condition. One continued supporter of the use of colloidal silver, who did manage to turn himself a bit blue, here and there, under some lighting and on some days, is Stan Jones, Montana’s Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S. Senate. I don’t know how updated the political information is, actually…. anyway… if you do a google search on his story, you will find that his condition has been greatly exaggerated in his opinion, and that he admits he didn’t make his colloidal silver under optimal conditions. He has since learned and is back to making colloidal silver, this time properly. Here is one article, service of Wikipedia.

My suspicions (yes, I am often suspicious) are that the FDA is behind the exaggeration of the dangers of Argyria. No doubt, improperly prepared c/s solutions can cause such problems. There is information, both pro and con all over the web. I found an article from Quackwatch, which disparages the effectiveness of colloidal silver, warning of the dangers of Argyria. This particular article is an informative yet quick read. They market their own c/s generator with which I’m not familiar. There’s a brief description as to why the c/s works in there too. Here is another site with lots of scientific information on colloidal silver, FAQ’s etc.

You can make your own c/s generator (like Stan did). DO read up on all the units, and get your facts straight on the pro’s and con’s of your options. After looking over several sites that claim their c/s generator is one of the best or THE best on the market, I am still very pleased with my choice.

One final note of interest: There is one page…and I may just look it up sometime in order to reference it here…but there is one page in a book totally unrelated to the benefits and risks of colloidal silver, entitled “The Secret War Against the Jews”. On that page, there is a brief discussion of some sort of silver compound or solution or something, that the former Soviet Union discovered to be very effective against any of the then known, most powerful biological warfare agents. The Soviets, understandably, decided not to disclose their discovery.

Hm. I’ll get that page reference sometime for ya.


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