Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Natural and Effective Deodorant

dismayedmonkeyiconator_62b00b093573074434940a2892ea2de3.gif I have the easiest, most inexpensive protocol to prevent monkeys from being horrified by human B.O.

Tea Tree Oil. Organic Burt’s Bee’s Diaper Ointment, zinc oxide based. Don’t use Desitin as it is petroleum based. It defeats the purpose of avoiding aluminum if you then put petroleum on your body, especially near so many lymph nodes. Yuck.

Take a bath, shower, or clean the area well with soap and water. Put the Tea Tree Oil on, just a couple drops and spread around. Then put a small amount of the zinc oxide based ointment on…spread around.

You’re done.

This will last anywhere between one day and two weeks, depending on your metabolism, how much you scrub your underarms in between applications, and the weather. For me, the average is 3-7 days. On hot humid days less.

The disadvantage is, if you like to wear thin black silk or polyester (fake silk) shirts, the black will show up and stain the inside. I’ve never had a problem with that coming through. If you first get dressed and realize you’ve forgotten to do this little routine, and THEN do so, you’re in danger of getting the very white zinc oxide cream on your clothing where it shows.

Another solution is to buy a product of Israel called Hlavelin, which is zinc oxide, some sort of solution that makes it spreadable, and Dead Sea minerals. It is effective in eliminating odor for the same length of time, perhaps slightly longer, because it has the addition of the Dead Sea minerals/salts. The jar of Hlavelin lasts a few months, and is about $12.00. When we experienced unemployment I cast about for something less expensive. The result was the above tea tree oil/zinc oxide program, which has been very serviceable. If one believes in buying “blue and white” to support Israel, and can afford it, Hlavelin in the way to go. It can be found in finer health food stores and co-op systems. My bottle of Tea Tree Oil and Burt’s Bee’s Diaper Ointment has lasted me for two years now. The cost of Hlavelin is not at all prohitive…we just needed to drastically reduce our expenses…and my method is unbelievably cheap.

Hlavelin is an excellent product. Like I said, it might last a bit longer, because it has the added dead sea minerals, which reduce bacteria, which is the cause of the odor, same principle as salt blocks. One could use a salt block and Burt’s Bee’s ointment too.

The disadvantage over standard deodoant/antiperspirant is it’s not antiperspirant, but I’ve heard from other health oriented friends that reducing perspiration from the area is a suspected cause of cancer.


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