Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Extra! Extra! Hamas’ Employment Initiative

This recycled post should remind people of why Israelis are reluctant to give Muslim Jihadis any more land from which to launch more terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. In light of what Al Quaeda has been attempting of late, with the potential increasing of more terrorist attacks on American soil, chas v’shalom, our nation must be more understanding of Israel’s position. They have been on the front line against jihadis for over 100 years, effectively taking the body slams that would otherwise be aimed at America, Europe and elsewhere? Don’t believe me? Well, if America abandons Israel, we will find out, sadly, that the premise is correct.

Hat tip: Doc’s Talk

“This week, word went round the Palestinian towns and villages on the West Bank that applicants for employment in the new Qassam missile industry would be made welcome.” — Debkafile 4.Jan.08

Israelis Injured by Rocket

Qassam Nose After Hit


Israeli injured after rocket attack: tipinfo’s Photostream

Qassam rocket nose after hit: Paul’s Photostream


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