Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Israel: Apartheid State?

How many American’s know that the Druzim fight alongside Jewish soldiers, and are admired for their heroism as well in the defense of their country.

Curious? Read about one of Israel’s Druzim brethren, and the honor accorded him as he fell for his country. “IDF’s Most Elite Druze Soldier Killed in Training Accident” by Ezra HaLevi. I challenge anyone to find that level of cooperation between compatriots of differing religions in any other country in the region.

Druze Mansion in Golan Heights

Photo from Ben Piven’s Photostream


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  1. Israel, without a doubt, is an
    Apartheid State.

    Furthermore, Not All Jews are Created Chosen.

    Other than that, one only needs read Illan Pappe’s article here, or Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who…?” or read Separate and Unequal


    March 6, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    • BS”D

      Nice to hear from you again ATW. Not because I agree, obviously….

      I have a question: Have you ever actually lived in Israel??

      Re Ethiopian Jews having to undergo a conversion, that is because their status as Jews according to halachah (Jewish Law) was in doubt. The conversion is meant as a failsafe, not as a way to embarrass anyone, or to make them feel “less than”. The fact that the option is offered is a recognition of the community’s special status in relation to the Jewish people. Israel doesn’t go around offering just any community the option of conversion. Judaism is not a proselytizing religion. It is also a very matter-of-fact, practical religion.

      When one becomes Torah observant (baal teshuvah) and works more and more mitzvoth into his life, he matures, and part of that maturing process is to learn to not take the necessity of certain halachic procedures personally, whether it be the necessity to undergo a conversion to assure himself of fully halachic status as Jew, or other necessary procedures in working towards becoming more “mitzvah compliant” as one’s life progresses. There are myriad situations that sometimes need correction because of the failures in understanding or observance in one’s family line. For instance, one might think he or she is davening with a kosher set of tefillin, only to find, when it is checked, it is no longer kosher. So, the problem is fixed. One might think his level of kashrus in the kitchen is correct because that is the way his family kept a kosher kitchen. If he finds out otherwise, it is no reflection on him…he simply makes the necessary changes. To find out the truth and not make the needed correction, that would reflect poorly. These things are put in front of us all as a test of our devotion to the Torah, not as a statement that we are less worthy.

      We believe the righteous of all nations have a place in the World to Come, and that anyone, Jew or gentile, can have a meaningful and close relationship with the Creator of the Universe, so there is no imperative for gentiles to convert. This differs greatly from Christianity and Islam, which teach that any person, no matter how good they are, is lost to eternity unless they ascribe to their creeds.

      Similar questions over status have plagued the families whose ancestors converted to Catholicism under the intense pressures of the Spanish Inquistion, even if they secretly practiced Judaism. If the Jewish status of such a person is in doubt, the rabbis play it safe and they go through a special conversion process, which is determined on a case by case basis. Better to be safe than sorry. There are also Arab families in Israel who have traditions of being forcibly converted to Islam, who are working with rabbis in order to return to Judaism.

      The Ethiopian community is undergoing such a process. Some will be understand the necessity of these procedures and not take it personally, and some will feel bitter and disgruntled. But Judaism has a right to define itself…every people has a right to self-definition.

      The process of increasing the level of mitzvah compliance via a conversion process where status is in doubt is varied, sometimes difficult and painful, yes. It is also an honor. All spiritual growth tends to be difficult and painful. However, it means HaShem wants these precious souls back in the Jewish fold — since their community traditions point to them being of the seed of Yaakov. It means He has confidence that they can meet the challenge. Everything comes from Him, even the difficulties.

      All Jews, every day have to make the choice to live as Jews. In that way, we are all the same. Having said that, there are also distinctions. Those distinctions are meant to teach us all important lessons. One such lesson could be: When the next persecution comes, don’t cave in. You and your progeny will pay a heavy price if you do. It’s not worth it. Staying faithful to HaShem and our people is worth everything it may cost us in the moment.

      No one is allowed to oppress or embarrass a convert, and if they do, they will incur heavy penalties from Heaven. The convert is to be treated with deference and respect, out of recognition that he has chosen the right path in spite of the obvious difficulties.

      All Jews chose HaShem at Mount Sinai, and as such, we are all either converts or descendants of converts.

      “How odd of G-d to choose the Jews. Not so odd, the Jews chose G-d.”

      March 7, 2011 at 12:53 AM

  2. Ariely

    The Arabs/Iran are building a false Myth.
    They will not be confused with real facts!
    Unfortunately some innocent people (or not?) from the west are joining the false chorus.

    By the Israeli law and practice all citizens are:
    Equal by low—–Full political rights—-– Equals in universal human rights ––religious freedom––Citizens express freely––Women equality––Social rights equality–- study on same universities—- sharing the same medical treatment in hospitals- serves as judges and lawyers- play in the same sport clubs–share equally all public infrastructures– and more…..

    This is apartheid!!- it should be changed!!!
    It is the call of some so called human rights organization or democratic supporters!

    What s the status in Muslim countries?
    *Iran- more than 200 gays have been executed
    *Iran- Teachers were hanged up because teaching Bahai religion.
    *Iran Women low- Virgin women to be executed is raped by a guard ahead execution.
    *All over the Muslim countries: Christians are being persecuted and are under run.
    *Building or repairing of non Muslim shrines is either forbidden or severely restricted
    *Limited woman rights
    * Acceptable honor killing of doters and wife’s
    *People conversing from Islam to other religions may get by low death sentence
    * Political parties are either forbidden or limited.
    *Iran- By low only Shia Muslim cab be president, army chief, judge.

    The so called human rights organization or democratic supporters don’t blame, vote resolutions or demonstrate against Muslim countries.
    What is the definition of this behavior? Hypocrite!

    March 8, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    • BS”D – Thank you for you well thought out comment Mordechay. Be well.

      March 8, 2011 at 11:26 AM

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