Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Why Do They Fight?

I think Arabs and Israelis are locked into seemingly endless mortal combat because that is exactly what the major powers of the world have planned and wanted from the beginning.

You think I’m crazy? Take a look at this map of the original British Mandate. Click on down to see how the plans were altered over the years. Then, take a look at this. This map was proposed by the World Zionist Organization at the Paris Peace Conference on February 3, 1919.

Now, check out this map. That’s the Partition Plan map. Reportedly when the founders of modern Israel saw this map, they were…surprised, shocked, dismayed…a whole lot of adjectives come to mind. Abba Eban called the boundaries “Auschwitz borders” because they were so obviously indefensible. Ironically, the Jewish people, fresh out of the destruction of the Holocaust, felt they had to settle for those Auschwitz borders. It was better than nothing.

Notably, the Arab nations refused the plan. I often wonder, if they had it to do all over again, would the Arab nations have accepted?

Finally, here’s a map of the entire region. Note the sliver of coastal real estate named Israel. The only country in the region that is smaller is Lebanon, just north of Israel, which was once a combined Christian/Moslem nation, the only one in the region. Well, it used to be. Syria took care of that.

The Partition Plan map was drawn by?

  1. a madman or,
  2. a group of madmen or,
  3. by people who didn’t really want to leave the region

My choice is number three. I think TPTB wanted an excuse to come back. Kind of like when I leave behind my gloves when I visit cherished friends, so I can have an excuse to visit again in a few days.

Well, no, it’s not exactly like that. I don’t set my friends up for a fight so I can then come back and act as a valued referee. Not usually anyway.

One could compare the Partition Plan map to an architect who designs townhouses which would require me to go through my neighbor’s bathroom in order to get to my kitchen, and their bedroom in order to get to my livingroom. Very embarrassing. Toss in the religious and cultural differences, and it’s bound to start a fight.

We have the perfect recipe for war.

Do I still sound crazy to you? Or are you just convinced that the world powers are meshuggeneh? Or stupid maybe?

Yeah…dumb as foxes.


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