Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Legal Kidnapping

seenospeaknohearnomonkeyiconator_cbad7f190e4bad8c539a818064e99eab.jpg I believe we have hit a dangerous stage IN RE to the security of our families, as evidenced by so many good families being threatened by government agencies with removal of their children from their care and their homes, some never to be re-united again.

Homeschoolers, folks who won’t vaccinate their kids, those who use alternative remedies for health problems, homebirthers, religious fundamentalists, or those who hold strictly consitutionally oriented political views are at particular risk.

For those fresh into the area of notifying TPTB that they do not have a right to interfere in your family life, that you do reserve your constitutionally recognized Rights….here is a bit of information.

One reason various agencies, such as the so-called “child protective agencies” (they go by different names in different states) think they can knock on your door, based on a tip from some anonymous source, and question you or worse, about your family and your children is that we have all been sold the lie that we need a marriage license in order to be legally married.

Not true, and when we do get married with a marriage license, we are actually inviting the government in as the third party to our marriage, they having controlling interest over all the “products of marriage” such as acquired property, and more importantly, our children.

When I mention this to folks, the reactions range from confused, to apathy, to incredulous too often. Others think they’re “living in sin” without that government “stamp of approval”.

You can have a private marriage contract sans the “official” government marriage license, keeping the original in a safe, secure location, preferably fireproof, in your home, and filing a copy along with the appropriate state statutes cited from state where the marriage was or will be performed, and it will be recognized as legally binding, with all the appropriate protections to your family and property, minus the inappropriate interferences in your family life. I don’t have links for this yet, but I’ll work on it.

The youtube video below illustrates all too clearly the problem we all face:

Do you think I’m over-reacting? Then google some keywords. Here’s a few more links:

The Brian and Ruth Christine Story

If we, as a people don’t educate ourselves on the problems we face and the remedies that are still there to fight this encroachment on our liberties, I see this as getting much worse for all of us.

This is just a rough outline of how I see things in this once free land “progressing”.

First phase. Truly troubled families. Abuse, serious neglect, drug abuse, immorality.

Second phase: divorce, custody disputes, mild alcohol or drug problems, using marijuana, mild neglect, rebellious teenagers, abuse of the welfare system, refusing certain medical treatments for children.

Third phase: Less than stellar credit rating, a messy house, refusal to vaccinate, homeschoolers, home-birthers, anti-government sentiments, fundamentalist leanings.

Fourth phase: Modest clothing, refusing kids TV privileges, not mowing one’s lawn frequently enough, peeling paint on the house, poor choices in shrubbery, not weeding one’s garden, too many cars in the driveway, too many parking tickets.

Fifth phase: Anyone with kids.

So, if you have a government marriage license, keep your house painted, your grass mowed and your garden weeded, or you may lose everything when one of your disgruntled neighbors becomes tired of you lowering their property value and decides to indulge in some (libelous) anonymous tipping.


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