Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Kosher Tax

Finally! I get to debunk this absurd “youtube” video publicly. I posted two or three responses to this ridiculous and ignorant video in the comments section of “youtube”. Nothing remains except a bunch of folks insulting each other and arguing over the Arab/Israeli conflict.

Kosher Tax

As most folks who are even vaguely familiar with kashrut*** know, this video is so patently ignorant as to be laughable.

There is no “kosher tax”. First, a tax, as we all are well aware, is involuntary. A food processing company chooses to have any given product certified as kosher. They will usually do this in order to increase their market base. Furthermore, there are many religiously owned food processing companies that make sure their food is processed according to kashrut as a matter of course.

The observant Jewish community does indeed eat kosher certified food only. It is not unusual to find folks in non-Jewish communities who, likewise, prefer to eat kosher food, either for religious reasons, or health reasons. For example, someone with dairy allergies benefits from a packaged product that states the product is “parve”. Kosher Parve means the product is dairy and meat free — vegan. Thus, vegetarians and vegans also benefit from kosher certification in their search for foods that meet their requirements. There are Christians, and other religious sects, to whom eating a kosher diet is religiously important for one reason or another.

This “video”? Feh….

***Kashrut means the body of laws surrounding kosher food preparation, and their application.


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