Ven a ganef kisht darf men zich di tsein ibertseilen.

Books & Publications



Culture of Terror: The Collapse of America by Professor Eugene Narrett

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry

The Manchurian President by Aaron Klein


Academic Publications by Dr. Franscisco Gil-White

A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad by Robert Wistrich

Articles on Antisemitism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Dr. Franscisco Gil-White

Resurrecting Racism: The Modern Attack on Black People Using Phony Science by Dr. Franscisco Gil-White

The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History by Andrew G. Bostom & Ibn Warraq

The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini by Chuck Morse

Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism by Dennis Prager

World War III: The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State by Professor Eugene Narrett


Articles on the Civil War in Yugoslavia by Dr. Franscisco Gil-White

European Union Collective by Christopher Story

Family Life

The Art of Conscious Parenting by Jeffrey L. Fine Ph.D.

Raising Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice by Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Health & Nutrition

Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic by Peter H.R. Green & Rory Jones

Dangerous Grains by Ron Hoggan

Eat Fat Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig Ph.D & Sally Fallon

Kids with Celiac Disease by Dana Korn

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon & Dr. Mary Enig Ph.D


Between Two Ages by Zbigniew Brzezinski


The Warburgs by Ron Chernow


Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans by Vivien Spitz

The Farhud by Edwin Black

Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust by Yaffa Eliach

Hitler’s Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State by Gotz Aly

I Paid Hitler by Fritz Thyssen

Nazi Nexus: America’s Corporate Connections to Hitler’s Holocaust by Edwin Black

Perfidy by Ben Hecht

The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews by Patrick Desbois

Inspirational Stories

Kids Speak Series by Rabbi Chaim Walder

People Speak Series by Rabbi Chaim Walder

Iran & Iraq

Articles on US Foreign Policy Toward Iran & Iraq by Dr. Francisco Gil-White


The Closing of the Muslim Mind by Robert Reilly

The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam by Robert Spencer

Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef


A Place Among the Nations by Benyamin Netanyahu

Dragged Out of Gush Katif by Steven Baum

For the Land and the Lord: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel*** by Ian Lustick

The New Shoah The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism by Giulio Meotti

“Israeli Freedom Fighter” by Dr. Matania Ginosar (to buy his book, please email the author at

KATIF: Nine Days in Av by Miri Tzachi

Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War that May Never End by Daniel Gordis

Sane in Damascus by Amnon Sharon

The First Tithe by Dr. Israel Eldad

The Late Great State of Israel by Aaron Klein

The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law by Howard Grief

The New Middle East*** by Shimon Perez

The Other War: Israelis, Palestinians and the Struggle for Media Supremacy by Stephanie Gutmann

The Palestinian Right to Israel by Alex Grobman

To Eliminate the Opiate Volume I & II by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

Toward a Renaissance of Israel and America by Dr. Paul Eidelberg

The Settlers by Meyer Levin

Jewish/Christian Controversy

Jesus the Pharisee by Hyam Maccoby

The Mythmaker by Hyam Maccoby

Let’s Get Biblical by Rabbi Tovia Singer

Jewish History

There Once Was a World by Yaffa Eliach

The Cantonists: The Jewish Children’s Army of the Czar by Larry Domnitch

Garden of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Philosophy of the Talmud by Hyam Maccoby

The Abyss of Despair  by Nathan Hanover & William Helmrich

The Big Picture by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith 

Liberal Ideology

Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant by Humberto Fontova

George Soros: An Illustrated Biography of the Worlds’ Most Powerful Investor by  Kaoru Kurotani

Masquerade: Dancing Around Death by Tivadar Soros

The Foundation by Joel L. Fleishman

Rules for Radicals*** by Saul Alinsky

Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire by Michael T. Kauffman


Happiness is a Serious Problem by Dennis Prager

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

Political Islam

A God Who Hates by Dr. Wafa Sultan

Cruel & Unusual Punishment by Noni Darwish

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America by P. David Gaubatz

Now They Call Me Infidel by Noni Darwish

Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer

The Closed Circle by David Pryce-Jones

The Culture of Islam by Dr. Francisco Gil-White

They Must Be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel

Why I Left Jihad by Walid Shoebat

Why We Want to Kill You by Walid Shoebat


Blowing Up Russia: The Secret Plot to Bring Back KGB Terror by Alexander Litvinenko & Yuri Felshtinky

New Lies for Old by Anatoliy Golitsyn

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Perestroika Deception : Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency by Anatoliy Golitsyn

The Prison Notebooks Volume I by Antonio Gramsci

The Prison Notebooks Volume II by Antonio Gramsci

War on Terrorism

Blow the House Down by Robert Baer

See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism by Robert Baer

Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude by Robert Baer

The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing by Jayna Davis

The War Against Terrorists: How To Win It by Gayle Rivers

United Nations

Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom by Joseph A. Klein

***Views within these books are not endorsed. It is a good idea to read what one’s ideological opponents believe, as well as gaining enlightenment from those who’s views with whom one tends to agree.


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