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Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel


Gaza expulsion to Amona pogrom to Itamar massacre

When the State of Israel throws Jews out of their homes simply because they are Jews, when they shoot rubber bullets at their own people, all this gives strength to our enemies to then carry out atrocities such as the massacre of the five innocent members of the Fogel family in Itamar. Make no mistake, this massacre was not only an atrocity committed against the Fogel family, against the town of Itamar. This was an act of war against the nation of Israel, and against the entire Jewish people. When a people deliberately murders another people’s children, they are making a statement — you have no place in this world, because I am going to murder your future.

If the West doesn’t wake up soon, these sorts of barbaric acts will be perpetrated against their unarmed men, women and children as they sleep in their beds as well. The only difference between Israel and the rest of the world is they have been fighting these monsters for much longer. Due to Israel’s location, she is on the front lines of a battle to the death between the prison of radical Islam and Western values of freedom and civilization.

Remember Beslan, Russia? When the hostages asked their beastly captors what they wanted, did they want money, what?? — they responded, “We don’t want your money. We came to die.” These animals not only tortured their captives, refusing them water and food, or even to go to the bathroom, they raped the children, some of them dying of internal bleeding from the horrific abuse they suffered, in front of everyone else. And this sort of thing is happening in Western Europe and America too. Follow the proceedings of the Bridges TV founder and Chief Executive Muzzammil Hassan in Michigan who beheaded his wife because she dared serve him with divorce papers. There are so-called “honor killings” going on all over the US against wives, daughters, mothers who somehow “dishonor” their families. There are unsuspecting British children in the UK who are abducted by radical Muslims, never to be found again…and the Muslims get off the hook. Their are large no-go Zones now around Paris, where French law enforcement simply does not enter anymore. Sounds like captured territory to me. The Archbishop of Canterbury is attempting to institute Sharia as a parallel legal system in the UK. I could go on and on….

Back to the plight of Israel, it is remarkable how indignant the Radical Left becomes at the mere mention of fair compensation and transfer of Arabs who don’t want to live in a Jewish state to another country of their choice, and then in the same breath they justify forcibly throwing Jews out of Gaza, out of Amona, out of towns in the Shomron, by any means necessary. And now … they are chirping away happily about the future forcible expulsion of all Jews from Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem — some 350,000 people!!

I recently read one commenter at The Huffington Post, a leftist rag if ever there was one, who “firmly believes” that all Jews who live in Judea and Samaria should have their children taken from them!! That was her compassionate response to the news of the massacre in Itamar — rip children from their parents, throw Jews out of their homes. She obviously thinks Jews are less than human. I think her heart is made of stone.

Tami Zilbershein, of Netzarim talks about the Netzarim (Gush Katif 2005) expulsions.

The Fogel family was among the families expelled from Netzarim

“If you believe that war changes the ownership of a land, then we won.

If not, then it still belongs to us from the time of the Second Temple.” — Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

“We the PLO are making a deal with the Jews.

In the meantime our brothers the Hamas will keep on killing.” — Yasir Arafat

“They’re not terrorizing only us Jews. They’re terrorizing each other” — Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

“One Arab family invited me for coffee to their house. Then he says to me ‘Let me tell you, our mother was 80 years old. The PLO felt that she is helping the Jews. One night, four cars came. They tied my mother between the four cars and drove away.’ So these are the people we should make peace with?” — Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach describing his time in the first Lebanon war.

Netanyahu, righteously furious, but ultimately barking up the wrong tree when he “demands” that the Palestinian Authoritiy to stop incitement. The raison d’etre of the PLO/PA is to murder Jews. If the PLO/PA removes incitement to murder Jews out of their school books, they will continue to whisper it in their children’s ears.

“He who gives the order to remove checkpoints as a gesture to the Palestinian evil, he who prevents the fixing of a fence due to legal issues, he who gives orders to fire at Jews — will not be able to bask in his innocence after the murder of five members of one family.” — Gershon Mesika at the Eulogy of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar last Shabbos.

These scathing accusations clearly pointed a finger at Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu, who have been licking the boots of the European Union and the US State Department, rather than doing their jobs: protecting the lives of Israelis.

Interview of Ron Paul by Glenn Beck

Maybe this will shed some light on the topic. Cheers!

This is part V. Part I-VIII is on Youtube. I must say, he was allowed to present his position well. Kol Ha’Kavod Dr. Paul.

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